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Alumform is the first and most reliable producer of aluminum profiles

Aluminum profile production, extrusion mold making, and electrostatic paint services are our goals to meet your needs. For a more complete explanation, we can divide the aluminum profile production process into four basic and major parts:


1- Format

2- Billet

3- Question

4- Complementary operations


In terms of grading and scoring, all these four parts have the same importance. The determining role in the quality of the aluminum profile is the making of the mold in terms of accuracy in dimensions and proper design. For this reason, the experienced colleagues in the Alum Form Group have overcome this problem and have brought a wide range of extrusion molds to the manufacturing stage.

In the manufacture of various extrusion molds and extrusion molding, the most important goal of Alumform is to achieve the cross section of the aluminum profile desired by the customer in terms of the dimensions and size of the plan and in terms of compliance with the tolerances.

One of the most important elements of making extrusion molds is to comply with economic parameters, and by using extrusion simulation systems and methods, the amount of mold testing can be reduced and the life of the molds can be doubled, and this is very useful and important in increasing production efficiency. Extrusion molding is

Steps of extrusion molding:

After the final approvals of the alum form design team (because sometimes extrusion is not possible at some points and needs to be changed according to the design team's opinion), the extrusion mold is divided into 8 stages.


1- The initial design includes the design of the dimensions and the palace, as well as the design of the material feeders and the flow of materials in the form of extrusion after receiving the final drawing (approved by the customer) in the format

2- Steel cutting according to the diameter of the designed mold

3- Primary turning operation

4- Manual machining operations (if needed)

5- Hardening and heat treatment of steel

6- Sectional wirecut (in some sections, wirecut is done after heat treatment)

7- Spark work (according to the stresses that are applied to the steel during heat treatment, this work is done after heat treatment)

8- Filler and final preparation of the mold for extrusion operation


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Alum Form, using the modern and most updated system based on the latest standards, will supply all needs of customers and industries with your trust and support. We could make a neat set utilizing the latest static tools. Our services include producing dedicated aluminum profiles according to your order, producing the available aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder paint services, and designing and manufacturing other automatic glass doors.




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