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One of the most common techniques is production through extrusion, which is very common among artisans. In this method, aluminum billet, which is the raw material, is placed under high pressure and appropriate temperature and is placed in special molds. The raw material is changed and shaped into the desired shape, after this stage the aluminum billet is completely changed and the aluminum profile is produced, which has different dimensions and sizes Aluminum extrusion profile is considered to be the most consumed part in aluminum, according to the surveys conducted in the next ten years, according to the market demand, the production of aluminum profile should increase to 1.5 million tons per year, because the change in the type of consumption, especially in Productions such as car making and wagon making, etc., have increased the amount of demand and consumption in the market. The production of aluminum profile production line machines includes the following machines: billet preheat furnace, mold preheat furnace, extrusion press, Front table, hot saw, drawing table, buffer table, stage line, cold cutting table, hardening aging furnace, solution furnace, profiting furnace

Alum Form, with a history of 40 years, is the first and most reliable producer of aluminum profiles 

Advantages of aluminum profiles

Variety of aluminum profiles


Reasonable and affordable price

The wide variety of aluminum profiles reduces equipment and construction costs. Also, despite this variety, there is no need to design and make custom profiles, which on the one hand saves you time and money, and on the other hand, you will be relieved of the compatibility of parts and connections during fitting and installation.

Appropriate and desirable shape changes, high flexibility

Features of aluminum profile

Aluminum metal easily accepts coatings with high performance and strength due to its structural characteristics. According to the material used in the coating, this coating layer gives aluminum different characteristics, one of which is corrosion resistance. The same is true for aluminum profiles, including the profiles available in Sanat Bazar store, and the provided profiles are coated.

Named high strength and durability


Aluminum weighs about a third of steel, but aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio even higher than steel. This feature makes the use of aluminum profiles a reasonable and appropriate choice.

Stainless and relatively low density

Aluminum is naturally anti-rust. So that if it is left uncovered in the free environment, at the very beginning a thin surface layer of aluminum will oxidize and protect the entire structure against rust.


What is aluminium profile?

In words, the profile means that the section is fixed in a certain length. In the world of metals and construction, profiles include different types. The main use of profiles is to make metal doors and windows.

The produced profiles are classified into categories called tampers, taking into account the mechanical and electrical characteristics desired by the customer and national and international standards, and based on the type of tamper, the production lines have their own settings. It is one of the most popular metals and the most useful metals in the steel and aluminum industry, which has many chemical properties and is often used in the construction industry. Get a special place.


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Alum Form, using the modern and most updated system based on the latest standards, will supply all needs of customers and industries with your trust and support. We could make a neat set utilizing the latest static tools. Our services include producing dedicated aluminum profiles according to your order, producing the available aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder paint services, and designing and manufacturing other automatic glass doors.




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