Automatic door profile

Automatic door profile

aluminum Automatic door profile

One of the most important pieces of automatic doors is the automatic door profile. Nowadays automatic doors are used in most buildings. Safety, and not using door handles which result in better hygiene and energy savings in places like hotels and malls are the advantages of automatic doors, in addition to more beautiful and easier traffic. Automatic doors in places like restaurants, sports centers, and industrial locations can be a good replacement for the workforce. Given their advantages, they have found a lot of use cases in construction. Automatic doors have different types and use. In addition to being used in parking and building doors, they can be used On the movable roof of the patio and pool. 


glass Automatic door profile

the aluminum profile is used in automatic doors as the frame given its variety and the ability to choose colors. We guarantee that The aluminum automatic door profile of alum form is produced with the highest quality material and the most advanced technologies which have given them strength, durability, and reliability. 


the alum form aluminum automatic door profiles 

all the alum form automatic door profiles are produced using standard aluminum alloys (6063, 6101, 6201, etc.) and based on the customer's specifications. 

The Alum form company while adhering to the standards set by the Iran Standard and Industrial Research Institute ( minimum hardness degree of 10 degrees and maximum 16 degrees, a minimum thickness of the plated crust of 10 microns and maximum of 15 microns, using bullion with ALMgSi-0/5 Standard and using the chemical composition and physical properties listed in the tables compiled by the Industrial Standard Institute) for producing a high-quality product. 


Dimensions of aluminum automatic door profiles

the alum form automatic door profile is used for low-width doors with dimensions of a maximum of 75 centimeters, a horizontal width of 70 millimeters, and vertical width of 30 millimeters and doors with maximum dimensions of maximum 125 centimeters, a horizontal width of 65 millimeters, and vertical width of 65 millimeters. For wider doors, they are produced using a tempered glass 10  with 45 millimeters of vertical width and 90 millimeters of horizontal width.


Glass automatic door frames

The frame of automatic doors is made of steel or aluminum. Because of their low weight and high-quality aluminum is used more in building the automatic doors frame and glass automatic doors. 


Dimensions of automatic door

Aluminum 3.5-centimeter frames are used for low-width automatic doors which are usually used for glasses with a lower weight. These frames have the most use in automatic doors. And accordingly, the heavier the glass, the stronger and more durable the aluminum frame used is. Frames used for wide automatic doors are usually 6 centimeters wide and are used for heavy glasses. aluminum automatic door frames in alum form company are produced based on the requirements of the customer. 


Types of automatic door frames 

there are 5 types of frames used in automatic doors:

1.    Side frame which is 2.5 to 5 centimeters long

2.    Floor frame with dimensions of 6, 7.5, 8, and 10 centimeters 

3.    U frames for covering the seams

4.    Covering frame

5.    Cover frame 


And other types of frames which are designed based on the use case. 
Alum form’s profiles and frames are produced using high-quality materials and advanced technologies and these in and of themselves are guaranteeing the durability and strength of Alum forms products. 

With constant research and development on our products, we can continuously innovate and improve our product range and processes. As the most reputable producer of aluminum automatic door profiles, we believe that we offer the highest quality final products with the best price range.


Types of automatic door parts

Types of horizontal door frames: 5-centimeter elephant feet, glass work horizontal door frame, normal 3-centimeter U-shaped horizontal door frame. 

Unique operator electronic board, dual function line eye, multi-form key

Steel golden mirror and silver mirror drawer frame

Steel silver, smoked and metallic smoked Scratched frame 

Cross section of Wide 6-centimeter frame profile with sides covered with glass. 

Anadize wide 6-centimeter champagne, silver, and golden frame 


Original Dunker motor 6355

13-centimeter front cover with wood, white, and champagne design 

Alum form with offering a variety of aluminum automatic door profiles for automatic doors, 6-door frames of automatic door, 8 door frame of automatic door and 10 and 12-door frames does its best in providing high-quality and durable aluminum profiles that use standard alloys and electrostatic colors for builders and those active in the construction industry. 

For more information about Alum form’s services and the quality of the aluminum, profiles contact our experts and consultant at 09123794374 and 09122645327 so that they can guide you towards getting the frames and parts you need. 

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