Custom Aluminum Profile

Custom Aluminum Profile


Custom Aluminum Profile


Custom aluminum profiles are made in response to customer orders; they are not distributed at wholesale to retailers.
Alumform Company, with the most experienced and professional experts in designing aluminum profiles, creates and supplies the perfect design based on the customers’ demands. Aluminum profile manufacturers must have extensive knowledge in the field of section extrudability in order to produce and market this product.
Since the experts at Alumform Company are knowledgeable about the extrudability of sections, they can easily distinguish between extrudable and non-extrudable profile sections.


Aluminum profile design engineering

Before manufacturing and producing the profile, you are considering or the customer has ordered, you should first create a design for it in order to build a special mold for it.
After consulting with extrusion specialists and profile purchasers, design engineers make a calculated design for the extruded aluminum profile.
Once the design is complete, it is shown to the client for approval. If the client is satisfied with the design, it is sent to the next step of profile creation. A 3D print is taken from the approved design so that the buyer can have a perception of the exact size of the profile.
If the buyer does not approve the design or does not like it, the design engineers will redo the design to meet the customer's expectations.
Alumform Company is proud to have taken a huge step toward improving, manufacturing, and designing exclusive extrusion profiles, as well as bringing the production and sale of aluminum profiles to the implementation stage, in order to cater the requirements and gain the satisfaction of its customers.


Aluminum profile with customized sections

Since the cross-section of aluminum extrusion profiles has to be complex and elegant, various types of molds are made for them, allowing the customer to choose and purchase the closest and most suitable design based on their needs.


Aluminum extrusion mold design

The design of aluminum extrusion molds is an important aspect of the extrusion process because aluminum billets (aluminum raw materials) are passed through these molds during the extrusion process to produce aluminum profiles. This profile cannot be utilized directly, and in order to make it practical, a series of operations must be conducted on it to determine the ability to supply to the customer.


Alumform services for aluminum profile design

1-Design and manufacture of molds

At this level, there are four phases, each of which is equally essential and should be given careful consideration. These sections consist of the following:
1-Mold, 2- Billet, 3- Pressing and 4- Complementary operations

2-Aluminum profile
The most prevalent item in aluminum applications is the extrusion profile, and the majority of these usage are across many industries.

3- Extruded aluminum
Alumform Company has also received recognition for the design and manufacture of high-quality aluminum profiles for the aluminum extrusion sector.


Important factors in aluminum profile pricing

Due to an ongoing fluctuation in the market price of aluminum, pricing now is calculated based on weight and in kilograms as opposed to the weight and scale per square meter used in the past.
According to what was indicated, the price of the profile is determined every day, and additional factors such as the thickness and quality of the aluminum profile also have an impact on the total cost.
Alumform is constantly striving to keep its spectacular reputation in the field of manufacturing exclusive profiles by designing sections desired by its customers and develop and implement whatever is on the customer's mind.
The skilled experts of Alumform are always willing to help you, dear ones. You can contact the company's phone numbers for additional information and to obtain free consultations. Even the Alumform company has made it possible for clients to place orders online and over the phone.

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