Security frame

Security frame

The frame of tampered glass:

Aluminum tempered frames are the ideal tempered frames for installing tempered glass together. Tempered glass frames are also utilized in the installation of fixed glass doors, as well as automated and semi-automatic doors. Tempered glass frames are one of the most often used elements in the glass industry because they enhance the door’s beauty by hiding the edges of the tempered glass.


The aluminum frame of tampered glass:

Narrow tempered glass for the door with a typical size of insole frames of 8 cm and a height frame of 3.5 cm may be used with aluminum frames, and in the case of employing broad tempered frames, insole frames of 8 cm but a height frame of 6 cm can be used. Aluminum is the most often utilized material for 3.5 cm tempered frames because of its good estuary bar and strength. Based on the customer's specifications, the tempered frames are coated using electrostatic powder paint.


Profile of tempered aluminum glass

Alum Form Company, equipped with a completely standard aluminum frame manufacturing line and the most up-to-date technology, including innovative machinery and various units, assures the creation of common products of the highest quality for your clients.


Price of the frame of tampered glass

The price of aluminum profiles, alloys, and manufacturing methods is one of the most critical aspects that might influence the pricing. The price of the tempered frame comprises the following components: aluminum price, manufacture cost, mold cost, and color anodized cost.


Standard production of tempered glass frames

Alum Form Company for tempered frames in compliance with the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Facts no. 2384 standard. Inserts with a minimum hardness of ten degrees Webster and a maximum hardness of sixteen degrees Webster, as well as ingots consumed with the ALMgSi-0.5 standard and the use of chemical composition and physical properties of the mange in the tables developed by the Institute of Industrial Standards, make every effort to produce a quality product. It's a manner of not being. Observing worldwide principles and standards, as well as other factors, has established us as the region's most contemporary manufacturing line of aluminum frames for tempered glass.


Sealant for tempered glass

Sealant is a substance or equipment used in the construction industry to insulate and fill seams. Sealants are used to keep air out and all types of insects out. Its applications include doors, windows, cooler valves, etc... To make sealants and glass bumpers, Alum Form, the leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles, tempered frames, and automated glass door frames, uses compressed plastic with a precise and uniform look to offer a beautiful and uniform appearance to the glass at the time of installation.


Puff sealant

The puff sealant tempered glass bumper is available in 220 and 250-cm heights. The benefits of these sealants include sound insulation. Alum Form Company, with years of experience producing all types of aluminum profiles and sequential glass, a variety of sequential glass seams, and sequential glass bumpers according to international production standards, ensures the quality of its products in addition to the beauty and appearance of uniform and durable.

Types of sealants:  

•    Edge sealant 3cm (side sealant)

•    Stoopi sealant (forward sealant)

•    bumper made of tempered glass

•    The sequential glass bumper, similarly formed of compressed plastic, is fitted on rail and sliding doors or stoop doors to cover the gap between the tempered glass door, the glass, the tempered door, and the tempered frame. Alum Form Co. is the leading manufacturer of various types of tempered glass profiles and automated door frames, as well as creating and supplying a variety of sequential glass sealants.

•    The tempered glass Bumper

•    The benefits of sequential, sequential alum impact bumpers are as follows:

•    -150°C to +110°C resistance

•    Extreme adaptability

•    Corrosion prevention

•    Installation is simple and quick.

•    To place orders for frames, please get in touch with Alum Form Consultants at 09123794374 and 09122645327.

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