General Aluminum Profile

General Aluminum Profile


General Aluminum Profile

General aluminum profiles are profiles with a simple cross-section that are well-known on the market for aluminum profiles and have numerous effective models. These include Corner profiles, round tubes, aluminum bars, square tubes, pipe, U-channels, etc. These profiles are typically employed in the construction of small-volume structures and interior decoration.

In the fabrication of aluminum profiles, the Alumform Company places considerable emphasis on the high quality and simplicity of its sections and employs highly skilled and trained staff to make the best product.


Alloys used in the fabrication of general aluminum profiles

Alumform's 6 series alloys (6060 and 6063) are the most extensively used and best alloys for the fabrication of general aluminum profiles. T5 treatment is the optimal heat treatment for this class of alloys.

In addition to series 6 alloys, the Alumform company currently allows its customers to order general aluminum profiles made from series 5 or series 7 alloys.
As one of the major producers of general aluminum sections in the country, Alumform is making high-strength sections with high-quality alloys, which you can view and read the specifications on its website.


A range of general aluminum profile products

With its advanced and cutting-edge technology, Alumform Company can make and distribute a wide selection of profiles in the shape of tubes with spherical, square, or rectangular cross-sections.

It may even accept special orders from clients and make profiles with a specified cross-section and alloy, size, various shapes, which are approved by customers.
Corner profiles and square tubes are two examples of the various general aluminum profile types.


Corner general aluminum profile 

Corner aluminum profiles are mostly utilized in the building industry as a structure or a perpendicular cross-section. These profiles are manufactured using particular alloys developed for the production of this item.
The corner profile is created through two methods: fabric and press, which we will discuss later. Apparently, this product's body bears a standard mark, which confirms its quality.


Aluminum square tube profile

It is one of the best-selling aluminum profiles because of its practical dimensions and thickness, which are the main reason for its appeal. This profile measures 2 mm in thickness and 20 x 100 mm in length and width.
This profile's raw materials are split into first grade (alloy 6063) and second grade and are produced and sold at the current market price in raw form and with an electrostatic and anodized powder coating.


Cost estimation for an aluminum profile

The final price of an aluminum profile can be based upon a number of factors, the most significant of which is the price of aluminum billet or extrusion raw material. Additional influential factors that cannot be disregarded are:

• Wages and costs of aluminum extrusion
• The cost of cutting, plating, anodizing or aluminum profile paint
• Shipping costs



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