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  Alum Form industrial group

Alum Form Industrial Group produces all kinds of aluminum profiles and provides all services from design to color and anodizing services.



Profile and frame of automatic door



Frame and sealant of tempered glass



Zebra curtain profile



different general profiles



components of automatic door




Alum Form, with the execution of tens of projects in the field of automatic doors, guarantees door quality.










       Alumform industrial group

Aluminum profile services

Alum Form Company provides all services from designing and manufacturing extrusion molds to manufacturing all kinds of aluminum profiles for construction and industrial uses, drilling and nailing services, and electrostatic powder services.







Manufacturing different general and dedicated profiles



design and manufacture of extrusion frame



electrostatic powder paint services



punching services





Alum Form Industrial Group


Alum Form Company makes every effort to provide the best product with the highest quality for the satisfaction of its customers by using modern knowledge and the latest technology. Alumform aluminum products and profiles have opened their place in the markets of other countries in the region, and Alumform Company is trying to expand its markets to other regions of the world. Alum Form Company has considered good services and discounts for its customers in Rakshor Tajikistan. For advice and order, please contact the experts of Alum Form Company



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Extruded aluminum

The process of aluminum extrusion can be summarized in one sentence "turning aluminum billet into a profile with a specific shape and sections in a long length" by using this method (aluminum extrusion) the cost of aluminum profile production can be reduced and at the same time a quality product produced The alloys used in this process are 6063-T5, 6063-T6, 6061-T6, 6005-T5. With its 40 years of experience, Alum Form Company can produce various forms for general use and according to the order for special use with the best quality with direct and indirect extrusion methods. Alum form company has reduced the cost of production by using current knowledge and for this reason can supply a product with quality and competitive price. Please contact us for price inquiry and consultation.




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Due to its malleability and lightness compared to other types of profiles, aluminum profile has found many uses in various industries, including construction and agricultural industries, etc., which are offered in the market at different times with different applications. The two mentioned features can be mentioned as the lack of rust and the need for paint, which increases the use of this type of profile in various uses. In addition to the ability to produce general profiles, Alum Form Company has exclusive aluminum profiles based on order and application. Alum form company with its experienced team and using modern technology and advanced production line has the ability to design and produce the final aluminum profile based on today's standards. Elum Form Company provides all services related to the production of aluminum profiles, from design and mold making to plating and paint, along with consulting to provide the best services to employers and manufacturers. Please contact Alum Form experts for consultation and price inquiries.






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Alum Form, using the modern and most updated system based on the latest standards, will supply all needs of customers and industries with your trust and support. We could make a neat set utilizing the latest static tools. Our services include producing dedicated aluminum profiles according to your order, producing the available aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder paint services, and designing and manufacturing other automatic glass doors.




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