Automatic glass door frame

Automatic glass door frame


Automatic glass door frame

Automatic door frames are made of steel or aluminum, which are used much more often in the manufacture of automatic door frames and automatic glass doors due to their light weight and good quality.
Due to the simplicity of the form and ease of use, automatic sliding glass or rail doors are one of the most widely used types of automatic doors that are used at the entrances of high-traffic centers such as stores, hospitals, etc. The automatic glass door consists of several main parts such as tempered glass, cover behind the opening, aluminum frame, etc. Aluminum frame is used to strengthen and strengthen the automatic door frame or glass panel.
 The aluminum frame increases the reliability and security factor in glass doors with a thickness of up to 19 mm
The frame of the automatic door can be hardened against breaking the glass in the "edges and corners", and the sealants used in the aluminum frame can well cover the gaps and seams in the edges of the lower and upper parts of the door. prevent dust and save energy consumption, and in fact, in addition to protecting and covering the edges and corners of the glass door, it has a wonderful effect in harmony with the design of the entrance space.

Automatic door frame dimensions

3.5 cm aluminum frame is used for automatic doors with narrow width, which is usually used for light weight glass. These types of frames are the most used in automatic doors. And according to the weight of the glass, the heavier it is, the stronger and more durable it should be with the aluminum frame. The frames used in wide automatic doors are usually 6 cm, which are used for heavy glass. The aluminum frame of automatic doors is produced in Alum Form Company based on customer needs.

Types of automatic door frames

There are five types of frames used in automatic doors:
1- Side frame, whose size is from 2.5 to 6 cm.
2- Floor frame with sizes of 6, 7.5, 8 and 10 cm
3- u frame to cover the seams
4- Frame in cover
5- frame cover
And other types of frames with different applications that are used based on design and needs.
Alum Form company's frames and profiles are produced using high quality raw materials and advanced technology, and this itself guarantees the strength and durability of Alum Form products.
With consistent product research and development, we are able to continuously innovate and improve our product range and processes. As the most reliable manufacturer of automatic door aluminum profiles, we believe that we offer only the highest quality end product at the best price range.

Automatic door frame price

Alum form automatic door frame is made of standard aluminum with various shapes and sizes, wide and narrow or S-shaped, in various electrostatic colors, both wholesale and retail, according to the current market price.

Alum form aluminum profiles

All automatic aluminum door profiles are produced using standard aluminum alloys (6063, 6101, 6201, etc.) and supplied based on customer orders.
Alumform company, in accordance with the standard codified by the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, including the hardness of at least ten Webster degrees and at most sixteen Webster degrees, and the thickness of the plated layer at least ten microns and at most fifteen microns, and the consumable ingot with ALMgSi-0.5 standard And using the chemical composition and physical properties of Manraj in the compiled tables of the Industrial Standard Institute makes every effort to produce a quality product.
For order or consultation, please call 09123794374 and 09122645327 and use the services of Alumform consultants.

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