Security glass sealant

Security glass sealant

Sekurit sealant

 Sealant in the industry refers to those materials or tools that are used to insulate and fill seams. Sealant is used to prevent the entry of air and all kinds of insects. It is used for door, window, air conditioner valve, etc.

Toughened glass frames or toughened glass profiles hold the glass and open and close them on the rail. If these profiles are in direct contact with the glass, they cause damage to the toughened glass. For strength and to prevent damage, a resistant and very flexible plastic strip is used, which is called toughened glass tape or toughened glass sealant or toughened glass bumper. The use of Sekorit glass sealant, in addition to increasing the impact resistance of the glass, increases the quality of isolation and insulation of the interior environment.

Tempered glass sealant

Sekorit glass sealant is made of compressed plastic, which is installed on Sekorit glass doors to fill the gap between two glasses. These types of sealants are used to fill the gap between the moving slats of the door and minimize the gap between the slats when the door is closed. Tempered glass sealants are transparent and have a beautiful appearance and prevent the entry of dust and energy waste. The characteristics of these sealants are that they are good sound insulators.

Tempered glass sealing tape

Such tapes are used to hold the tempered glass firmly and to insulate the environment. At Alum Form Company, we do our best to improve the quality of our products.

Alum Form, the largest producer of aluminum profiles, security frames and automatic glass door frames, uses compressed plastic with a transparent and uniform appearance to produce glass sealants and bumpers to give the security glass a beautiful and uniform appearance at the time of installation.

Install sealant

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Tempered glass bumper

The safety glass bumper is also made of compressed plastic and is installed on rail and sliding doors or stoop doors to fill the gap between the safety glass door and the glass or safety door with safety frame. Alum Form Company, a leader in the field of production of tempered glass profiles and automatic door frames, in addition to producing automatic door parts, produces and supplies tempered glass sealants. For price inquiries and guidance, please contact Alum Form experts

The advantages of Alumform's Sekorit glass bumper:

Resistance in temperatures from -150 to +110 degrees Celsius

Very high flexibility

Prevents corrosion

Easy and quick installation

Has an internal standard

Puff sealant

Sequit glass bumper is known as bubble sealant and is available in two heights of 220 and 250 cm. One of the advantages of these types of sealants is sound insulation. Also, they have a long life and make the glasses last longer and do not change shape with the passage of time. With years of experience in the field of producing aluminum profiles and tempered glass aluminum frames, tempered glass sealants and tempered glass bumpers, Alum Form Company guarantees the quality of its production in addition to beauty and a uniform and durable appearance.
Types of sealants:

3 cm edge sealant (side facing sealant)

These types of seals are installed on the edge of the sliding or rail door. In this way, the door is able to open in one direction. This sealant prevents the waste of heat and cold from the environment and prevents the penetration of dust. Another advantage of using this type of sealant is that it does not fill the lip of the glass and protects the glass from impact and breakage.

Stoppy sealer (forward sealer)

The forward or stopy sealant is also made of compact and transparent plastic and has features such as preventing dust and cold from entering. This sealant fills the gap between the glass door and the wall or the gap between the two side glasses. By installing this sealant on the stoop door, the door opens in one direction, either inward or outward. This type of sealant is available at a height of 220 cm.

Video 2: Installation of frameless tempered glass with sealant and bumper

The price of Sekorit glass sealant

The prices vary based on the type, quality, whether the product is domestic or foreign. The most important thing to buy is to pay attention to the quality of the product, because using a low-quality product will cause the security glass door to have problems in traffic and cause you more costs.

Our consultants at Alum Form will help you in your purchase so that you can benefit from the highest quality products. For detailed information on prices and advice, please call 09122645327 and 09123794374.

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