• The highest variety in the production of aluminium profiles in different colors and thicknesses


  • Examination in terms of surface quality of aluminum profiles by extrusuin method

  • Production method and process of extrusion press, types of direct extrusion




  Alumform company

We have always aimed to provide the best and also benefit from the best painting tools, and by using the most modern and up-to-date system in accordance with the standards of the day, to create all the needs of you, dear customers and craftsmen, and with the grace of God and your efforts. The personnel of Alum Form Industrial Group, as well as with your trust and support, have been able to establish a regular collection relying on the latest electrostatic tools. Successive production has taken an important and effective step towards the supply of metal sections in this land. The experts active in Alum Form Industrial Group are ready to provide you with the best.



Global quality standard

It is very important for us to comply with the strictest international quality standards and quality control, so that the first-class experts of our laboratory constantly put the production process under strict control.






Protection of human health


We pay full attention to the health and hygiene of personnel and the environment, and we reduce air pollution, we have reduced the risk of combustion and fire to zero, and most importantly, we have reduced the risk of respiratory diseases for personnel.







Energy saving


Saving energy is also one of the most important achievements in Tehran powder paint factory. Because powder paint can be recycled up to 95% and unlike liquid paint, it is not spread and wasted in the environment








In sync with the environment


The process of powder paint causes the least damage to the environment because its residue can be easily collected and harmful and polluting substances are not spread in the space.




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Alum Form, using the modern and most updated system based on the latest standards, will supply all needs of customers and industries with your trust and support. We could make a neat set utilizing the latest static tools. Our services include producing dedicated aluminum profiles according to your order, producing the available aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder paint services, and designing and manufacturing other automatic glass doors.




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