Electrostatic powder paint


All the colors that are sprayed on the parts in aluminum form are electrostatic powder paint. Electrostatic powder paint is in the form of powder until it enters the furnace and the baking process is not performed on it, and it can be removed easily and completely by dragging the hand over it. For this reason, it must be placed in the furnace, then the parts are placed in the furnace and after spending enough time for baking, they are taken out of the furnace. Another service is powder paint or electrostatic paint, which is common among craftsmen, and some of them use powder paint to convey their meaning.
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<h1 data-placeholder="Translation" dir="ltr" id="tw-target-text"><span style="color:#ff0000;"><strong><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="font-family:IRANSans;">Electrostatic powder paint system</span></span></strong></span></h1>

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Electrostatic powder paint system

Powder colors are a combination of the following:






This type of dry paint (without solvent) can be sprayed directly on the surface in such a way that no thinner vapors and the like enter the production cycle. Powder paints are very economical due to the lack of thinners and the possibility of recycling and reuse. The use and application of powder colors in various industries is very wide and the research on new types of it is still ongoing. For example, the merits of using powder paints in the industries of household equipment and industrial protective coatings can be considered as follows: compatible with environmental conditions, resistant to impact, germs and various chemicals, relatively low cost, high safety factor. Ready for immediate use, powder paint problems.


Electrostatic powder paint Aluminum profile production
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Electrostatic powder painting method

In general, there are two methods for spraying electrostatic paint, which are: corona and tribo, the most common spraying method is the corona system. in such a way that the electrostatic particles are charged (negative) and the object connected to the earth (positive) is free of charge. In this way, after spraying, the electrostatic paint sticks to the object. Now, by increasing or decreasing the voltage of the device, the color thickness can be changed. which is usually between 60 and 80 microns.


What are the common problems in the process of spraying powder colors?

Observe the fat on the surface


Low resistance to atmospheric conditions

Low resistance to mechanical stress

Non-adhesion of paint, bad coverage and flaking of the powder layer



Advantages of electrostatic powder paint

The advantages of using this type of coating (electrostatic powder) are summarized as follows:
1- Easy use and return of materials and recycling
2- Without halal substances harmful to health
3- Reducing the risk of fire


Uses of electrostatic powder paint

Decorative coating in products such as household appliances, tools or machines Special use: also use on all types of metal and non-metal surfaces, etc., for example, to protect connections and valves


Production steps of powder paints

The most common method for production is the method of mixing molten materials used in the extruder, which are then converted into fine particles.
There are eight stages in the melt mixing method:
1- Weighing raw materials
2- Premix
3- Extrusion
4- Cooling and crushing
5- Grinding and particle size control
6- Filtering
7- Dry blending
8- Packaging
All the mentioned parts are important, but the stages of pre-mixing, extrusion and grinding are among the most important parts of the production of electrostatic powder paints.


Electrostatic powder paint services

Comparison of powder paint with other paints
Considering the many features that powder electrostatic paint services have compared to liquid paint, they can be compared under different headings:
- If a mistake is made during painting with powder paint, it can be corrected immediately
- The use of powder paint requires less force and is more stable and durable.
- It needs a weak air conditioning system.
- Complete removal of waste and solvents during the preparation of powder paint
- Electrostatic paint services help to preserve the environment and require a regular ventilation system when using it.
- The use of powder colors does not have much waste and can be used up to 99%.


  Static powder paint service with Iranian polyester paint

Type of service


Price per kilogram (Tomans)

Powder color code 9016


Alvan powder paint


Decorative smooth wood design


Sanded wood design decor



Description :

_ The anodizing and static color services of a sheet with dimensions of 21 mm and thickness of 1.5 mm are calculated twice as the profile.

_ Label and protective film services 100 Tomans

_ Profile services under 3 meters will be added 40%.

_ The cost of orders less than 100 kg will be added by 30%.

_ For special profiles and styles, a proportional price is calculated.

_ The cost of bent profiles and die cast parts and other parts are calculated according to it


Electrostatic powder paint services in Tehran

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