Electrostatic powder paint


What is electrostatic powder paint?

The powder paint technique was introduced to the world in the 40s. In its early years, this method was used in the coloring process, which was accepted by the public in the 70s. This method was quickly and widely popular in the 80s.
Electrostatic powder paint is a type of painting method that began to be used in Europe and America in the 60s and reached Turkey in the 80s. However, oil paint has been used for a long time. The use of electrostatic powder paint became popular in a very short period of time and gained an essential role in industrial production. This type of colored coating is specifically used to protect metal surfaces and gives them a beautiful effect.


Electrostatic powder paint of Tehran

Electrostatic powder paint consists of very fine particles and dry resin that is mixed with the desired color and is sprayed on the parts with special guns and has electrostatic and magnetic barostatic and for this reason it is uniform and integrated on The surfaces sit, then these surfaces are placed in the oven to complete the painting process and stabilize the color and are baked at a temperature of 180 to 220 degrees, so that all the compounds in the powder paint are created on the desired part, on the body. The created is a thick and uniform color that has a high resistance to chemicals and shows high reactions against peeling and scratching.Powder paints are applied dry and sprayed directly on the surface and are completely environmentally friendly due to the lack of solvents. Tehran's powder paint service is one of the best services provided in Iran, which is known for its customer service.


All kinds of electrostatic powder paint

Some electrostatic powder paints are:

Farafar powder paint
Decorative powder paint
Black powder color
Hammer powder paint
Tempera powder paint
Gold electrostatic powder paint


Advantages of powder paint

Powder paint is very environmentally friendly. In this way, it ensures the safety of workers. The quality of the colors has not decreased due to the passage of time and no solvent has been used in it. As a result, it significantly reduces the possibility of any kind of combustion.


Advantages of using electrostatic powder paints

1/ Absence of solvent and consequently, absence of harmful vapors

2/ The possibility of using 95% of paint due to the ability to recycle and reuse

3/ Reduction of respiratory diseases and lung infections due to the absence of solvents

4/ Saving novel and increasing production speed and thus reducing energy consumption

5/ Being non-toxic and free from heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc.

6/ Higher safety factor than liquid paints, in terms of fire risk


Electrostatic powder coating



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