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With years of experience in the field of designing, manufacturing and producing all kinds of aluminum profiles and special aluminum sections, Alum Form guarantees the production of standard products with the best quality by having advanced machines.



Automatic door profile and frame

Designing and manufacturing profiles and frames for automatic doors



Dedicated and customized profile 

Design and manufacture of aluminum profiles according to order



Tempered glass frame and sealant

Production of all kinds of frames and sealants for tempered glass



Zebra curtain profile

Production of profiles used in zebra curtains



Types of public profiles

Aluminum profiles widely used in various andustries



Automatic door parts

Production and supply of all automatic door parts




Alum Form guarantees the quality of doors by implementing dozens

of automatic door projects.










       Alumform industrial group

Aluminum profile services


Alumform Group, having complete and accurate information about sections used in various industries, as well as aluminum extrusion presses with different capacities and electrostatic powder paint line, and using the latest production methods and advanced machines, has the ability to produce all kinds of light aluminum sections. We have up to industrial degrees










Alumform company with more than 40 years of expreance in aluminum profile production


By having advanced machines and various units, Alum Form guarantees the production of standard products with the best quality for you customers. From the most modern and up-to-date system in accordance with today's standards, we create all your needs, dear customers and craftsmen, including aluminum form products and services: aluminum profile, aluminum profile production, aluminum extrusion, aluminum profile price, aluminum profile extrusion, aluminum profile injection , electrostatic powder paint, electrostatic powder paint services



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Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile production


Aluminum profile has many uses in various industries such as the construction industry due to the properties of aluminum profile. One of the most important factors of aluminum profile, which drives its use in industries, is light weight, high plasticity, high resistance to rust, low cost for maintenance, long life and no need for painting. Aluminum profile is one of the output products of the aluminum extrusion process, which is sold in the market in different sizes and cross-sections, which, taking into account the various applications of these profiles and the need for different properties, its surface is also covered with different materials. The consumption of aluminum profiles has caused the amount of domestic production to not meet the demand for aluminum profiles, and in fact, two-thirds of the current market consumption in Iran is provided by imports. Alum form zero to hundred performs the design and engineering process until the production of the final product by using its experienced forces. Alum Form uses advanced machines to implement its projects. Alum Form provides all services of professional molding, water treatment, paint, packaging, etc. to its customers. You can order from us.

Production steps of aluminium profile

One of the most important steps that plays a significant role in the strength, longevity and quality of the final production is the making of the mold, for which the accuracy of the dimensions and appropriate design should be taken into account, and then the billet is heated in the furnace. They are suitable, and then they are placed in the press and they are released from the mold under pressure, and in the final step, the profile is stretched after cooling to take the final form.


Aluminium profile production line

Alum Form Company is equipped with aluminum profile production line and aluminum billet production line, capable of producing all kinds of aluminum profile sections and all kinds of aluminum billet alloys. Alumform company's standard aluminum profile production line devices, which include: billet preheat furnace, mold preheat furnace, extrusion press, front table, hot saw, tension table, buffer table, stage line, cold cutting table, hardening oven, oven Solving is profiteering.

Aluminium profile production standard

Alum Form Company complies with the standard developed by Iran Industrial Standards and Research Institute No. 2384 dated 11/7/62, including the hardness of at least ten Webster degrees and at most sixteen Webster degrees and the thickness of the plated crust at least ten microns and at most fifteen microns and ingots Consumption with ALMgSi-0.5 standard and using the chemical composition and physical properties of Manraj in the compiled tables of the Institute of Industrial Standards will do its best for a quality product.


Aluminum profile extrusion


Extrusion is a process that involves shaping aluminum and turning the aluminum profile into a detailed and complex design. Aluminum extrusion is done by alloys such as aluminum 6063-T5, 6063-T6, 6061-T6, 6005-T5, etc. Now this aluminum can be recycled or used for the first time.

In aluminum profile extrusion, based on the development strategy of the country's aluminum industry prepared by the Ministry of Industries and Mines, which was prepared based on the vision document of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced in December 2002, achieving the top position in the region for primary aluminum production and producing over 800,000 tons of aluminum At the end of the fourth development plan and about 1.5 million tons at the end of the fifth development plan is inevitable. In fact, the following factors provide a good opportunity for the development of aluminum in the country.

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Aluminum profile extrusion is obtained with three steps...





Aluminum profile price


Keeping in mind the momentary changes in the price of aluminum, get in touch with the experts of Alum Form. The price of aluminum profile is calculated with a general formula, and different influencing variables can decrease or increase the price of aluminum profile. Aluminum price + production cost + mold cost (if a special mold is needed) + paint and anodizing cost...
To know the price list of aluminum profile and to receive a proforma invoice, please provide the specifications of your requested product with the following specifications to our aluminum experts:

1- Map and dimensions

2- Order amount of raw materials and type of alloy

3- The length of the branches

4- Possible type of coating based on powder paint or anodize







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AlumForm uses the most modern and up-to-date system in accordance with today's standards to create all your needs, dear customers and artisans, and also with your trust and support, we have been able to establish a regular collection relying on the most up-to-date electrostatic tools. Our services: Production of exclusive aluminum profiles based on your order, production of general aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder paint services, and design and manufacture of automatic glass door fittings.




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Aluminum profile production

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Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile

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