Security frame

Security frame

Tempered glass frame

  Sekurit aluminum frames are used for installing Sekurit glass side by side and are used as the best Sekurit frames. . Sekurit glass frame is used for installation for doors with fixed glass and for automatic and semi-automatic doors. Tempered glass frame is one of the most used door parts in the glass industry, and due to covering the edges of tempered glass, the variety of colors and designs can be an effective help in the beauty of the door.

Aluminum strength

The security aluminum frame produced by Alum Form Company is available in different types such as U and M and with customized colors for customers.
The thickness of the tempered glass frame is chosen based on the thickness of the glass. The tempered aluminum frame is more useful than its steel type, and usually four aluminum profiles are installed on the glass for each glass door, two of which are vertical and the other two are installed horizontally. The aluminum frame or profile gives strength and resistance to the glass. The frame covers all the edges of the glass like a frame, and with the presence of plastic strips inside the frame, the glass is prevented from wear and damage.

Tempered glass aluminum frame

For the aluminum frame of the narrow tempered glass for the door with the normal size of the bottom frame of 8 cm and the height frame of 3.5 cm, and in case of using the wide tempered frame, the bottom frame of 8 cm but with the height frame of 6 cm can be used. The most widely used frames of the 3.5 cm type are made of aluminum, and the reason for that is its good grip and strength. The security frame produced in Elum Form is painted with electrostatic powder paint based on the customer's order.

Aluminum profile

Alumform company is equipped with a completely standard aluminum frame production line and with the most up-to-date technology, with advanced machines and various units, it guarantees the production of standard products with the best quality for you customers. We have always aimed to provide the best And also benefiting from the best painting tools, and by using the most modern and up-to-date system in accordance with today's standards, we can create all the needs of you, dear customers and manufacturers, in the field of tempered glass aluminum frame, automatic glass door frame, and with the grace Thanks to God and the efforts of the Alum Form Industrial Group personnel, as well as with your trust and support, we have been able to set up a regular collection relying on the most up-to-date electrostatic tools. To know the services and products of Alum Form Company, contact our experts.

The production standard of tempered glass frames

Alumform company for the production of security frames in accordance with the standard of the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research No. 2384, including the hardness of at least ten Webster degrees and at most sixteen Webster degrees, and the thickness of the plated crust at least ten microns and at most fifteen microns, and ingots are used with ALMgSi-0 standard. 5/ And using the chemical composition and physical properties of Manraj in the compiled tables of the Industrial Standard Institute makes every effort to produce a quality product.

Security frame price

One of the most important factors that can play a decisive role in the price is the price of aluminum profile, alloy and its production method.
In fact, the total price of the security frame includes: aluminum price, production cost, mold cost and anodized paint cost.

Tempered glass aluminum frame

Using the best raw materials for the production of toughened glass frames is Alumform's policy. We have always used the best type of raw materials to provide our services, which has increased the quality of the final work and as a result, customer satisfaction. Besides these points, there are more things such as: benefiting from experienced staff, accurate timing in Fulfilling orders in the field of tempered glass aluminum profile, complying with international principles and standards and other things, all of which together have made us to be known as the most modern production line of tempered glass aluminum frames in the region. In order to order security frames, please call 09123794374 and 09122645327 and use the services of Alumform consultants.

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Alum Form, using the modern and most updated system based on the latest standards, will supply all needs of customers and industries with your trust and support. We could make a neat set utilizing the latest static tools. Our services include producing dedicated aluminum profiles according to your order, producing the available aluminum profiles, electrostatic powder paint services, and designing and manufacturing other automatic glass doors.




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