Zebra curtain profile

Zebra curtain profile

Zebra curtain

One of the curtains that has become common today is the zebra curtain. It is widely used in residential, office and commercial environments. These curtains are available in various and beautiful sizes and designs. The zebra curtain profile is made of aluminum. The properties of aluminum, including its strength, light weight, and high resistance to moisture, heat, and rust, have made it widely used. Zebra aluminum profile is produced and supplied in different sizes and cross sections. This profile is produced in two types, anodized and electrostatic. Also, the zebra curtain profile is used in the construction of zebra curtains and shades.

Zebra curtain aluminum profile

 Types of zebra curtain profiles are one of the products of Alum Form Company. The aluminum profiles of the zebra curtain of Alum Form Company are produced according to today's standards and play an important role in the function, shape and beauty of the zebra curtain. Relying on experience and using a standard production line, Alumform company guarantees the quality of zebra curtain profiles, and this itself leads to high durability and longevity of the curtain, and in addition, it is compatible with all types of zebra curtain models.
In addition to the production of aluminum profiles for zebra curtains, Alum Form Company also produces and supplies aluminum profiles for horizontal curtains and glass curtains.

Types of zebra curtains

In the zebra curtain, two layers of fabric and lace are placed parallel to each other, which create a beautiful and pleasant light shade. Zebra curtains play an important role in the design and beauty of homes and offices. One of the most important advantages of zebra curtains compared to other curtains is that the entire curtain can be folded into the frame and around the aluminum shaft (usually in two sizes, 32 mm and 38 mm).
It is vertical and despite the aluminum weights at the end, the curtain stands straight. Another advantage of zebra blinds is to adjust the amount of light from 10 to 50% by raising or lowering the blinds
Zebra curtains in different designs, models and sizes for use at home (kitchen, bedroom, and reception) and public places and commercial places. Alum Form Company can produce and supply all the needs of the manufacturers and suppliers of zebra curtains in the whole country by producing all kinds of aluminum profiles, such as all kinds of aluminum frames and aluminum shafts, in different colors.

Zebra curtain profile

The aluminum profile of the weight pipe is produced and supplied in oval, round and belt forms with standard quality and using electrostatic powder painting in aluminum form.

Zebra curtain aluminum profile production line
Alum Form company is equipped with zebra curtain aluminum profile production line and aluminum billet production line, capable of producing and supplying all kinds of aluminum profile sections and all kinds of aluminum billet alloys. The production line of zebra curtain aluminum profile is completely standard of Alumform company, which includes: billet preheat furnace, mold preheat furnace, extrusion press, front table, hot saw, tension table, buffer table, stage line, cold cutting table, hardening aging furnace A solution furnace is a profit furnace.

Zebra curtain aluminum profile production standard

Alum Form Company complies with the standard compiled by Iran Industrial Standards and Research Institute No. 2384 dated 11/7/62, including the hardness of at least ten Webster degrees and at most sixteen Webster degrees and the thickness of the plated crust at least ten microns and at most fifteen microns and ingots Consuming with ALMgSi-0.5 standard and using the chemical composition and physical properties of Manraj in the compiled tables of the Institute of Industrial Standards makes every effort to produce a quality product.

Zebra curtain aluminum profile produced by Alum Form Company

Zebra curtain aluminum profiles are produced using aluminum alloys of groups (6 xxx, such as 6063, 6101, 6201, etc.) and other aluminum groups such as (2xxx, 7 xxx, etc.) and supplied according to customer orders. becomes The manufactured profiles are classified in categories called tampers, taking into account the mechanical and electrical characteristics desired by the customer and national and international standards, and according to the type of tamper, the production lines have their own settings.
Zebra curtain aluminum profile is produced and supplied in Alum Form company in various tempers such as T6, T5, T4, etc. Aluminum profile production is classified into two main industrial and construction branches. Construction profiles refer to those types of aluminum profiles that are used in the construction industry, such as aluminum doors and windows, etc., while industrial profiles refer to those types of products that are used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing. , military, etc. are used as industrial parts and accessories.

Zebra curtain profile price

Just as zebra curtains have different varieties, the aluminum profiles used in the construction of these curtains are also different and varied. Therefore, the sale price of zebra and shade profiles is also different. Contact Alumform experts for more information and advice.

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