Automatic glass door

Automatic glass door

automatic glass door; Estimation, expertise, design of all types of automatic glass doors, professional installation and after-sales service of automatic glass doors, Alumform, the producer of aluminum frames for automatic glass doors and other types of aluminum profiles.

What is an automatic glass door?

  The automatic glass door has a significant effect on the beauty of the entrance of the building and in addition to saving the use of the entrance space, and in fact this door allows you to make the best use of your space and in addition, it has many features. The type of doors is a good option for installation and use in buildings and places with high traffic. The function of opening and closing the automatic glass door is done using an infrared sensor and has different settings, such as: always closed or always open or quick lock. Controlling the opening and closing of the automatic door can be done by remote control. Automatic glass doors are more durable than hinged and mechanical doors, and due to having a power storage battery, they do not stop working in case of a power outage.
Nowadays, automatic glass doors are very much welcomed by manufacturers and consumers due to their beautiful appearance and simple operation, and more importantly, their prices are relatively lower than other factors. In any case, before preparing and buying automatic glass doors, they should be selected based on the needs and fully qualified.
You, as the owner or the person in charge of the project or the construction company, if you are looking to choose an automatic glass door suitable for the project, or if you are looking to replace and update the entrance door of your place, be sure to consider these few recommendations of Alumform to avoid the possibility of making the wrong choice. decrease the

Advantages of automatic glass doors

  Ease of commuting: Automatic opening and closing of the doors easily and silently is one of the important advantages. It is also completely suitable for use by people with physical disabilities or the elderly.

  Occupying less space: using an automatic glass door, you will no longer need to allocate a part of your business location to open and close manual doors. It is also possible to make it according to the size requested by the customer.

  Beauty and elegance

  Safety and Security: Security of other security equipment such as fire extinguishing system, burglar alarm, etc. It can be added to your automatic door system.

  Preventing the loss of heat and cold and optimizing energy consumption: optimizing consumption between 35 and 50 percent annually.

  Hygiene: One of the most contaminated tools we work with are handles. Not interfering with the opening and closing of the door helps a lot to improve the hygiene of the environment.

   Adjusting the speed of automatic door operation: according to the customer's needs and the amount of traffic in the place, the opening and closing speed of the doors can be adjusted.

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